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The area around Hough slopes gently upwards towards the South and East from an elevation of approximately 50metres at Weston boundary near Wybunbury to 76 metres near to Ellesmere Farm by the “South Cheshire Way”.

The name Hough possibly derives from this geographical feature, from the Old English “hoh”, meaning a “hill-spur”, although there are several interpretations of how the name came about, none of which are proved beyond doubt, as far as we are aware.

Hough was a township in Wybunbury ancient parish and became a civil parish in 1866. It was subject to boundary changes in 1990, when parts were lost to Wybunbury and Shavington-cum-Gresty. The area is predominantly rural and agricultural in nature, with small meres and ponds scattered across the area.

To the south of the village in Cobbs Lane, lies Hough Common, this has undergone considerable improvement, following a grant from the old Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council in 2008.  Through the parish runs the National Cycle network (route 70) and also two major public footpaths – the South Cheshire Way (N-S) and the Crewe and NantwichCircular walk (E-W).

The village has a local public house “The White Hart”, known by locals as “The Buck”,  and a well patronised Village Hall situated in Cobbs Lane but has in recent times lost its post office/shop, a local garage and more recently seen the closure of its Methodist Chapel.

The bus service in the village is also very limited, but whilst lacking many facilities of a “true village” it still maintains a fiercely guarded sense of identity. In the 1801 census, the population was recorded at 206 – it showed only a slow increase in population via the census of 1851 (pop 309), 1901 (pop 324), 1951 (pop 330) to 2001 when the population jumped to 783 (in 326 households).

Chorlton Parish adjoins Hough Parish and also has boundaries with Basford, Weston, Betley and Blakenhall.  It is almost entirely rural in nature, and in the 2001 census, had a population of just 113.

This figure has been increased dramatically following the development of Wychwood Park Golf Course which incorporates significant “villages” of private housing, many of which fall into the Chorlton Parish area. Chorlton is intersected by the Crewe-Stafford main railway line running north to south. The old A500 also runs through Chorlton and Hough, with for many years, a narrow single lane bridge, which was added to with a Bailey Bridge in 1993.

In September 2003, however, the Shavington by-pass opened and the A500 was re-routed away from Hough and Chorlton. Currently both Parishes, like many similar areas, are being subjected to speculative planning applications which are being opposed and they are currently under threat of major changes due to the proposed HS2 railway including a large viaduct at Chorlton.

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